Something Sweet

I said once awhile ago that I would do my best to turn whatever happens into something sweet and wonderful. Well, I've lost track of time since I started this phase of my life and while I'm certain what I've made is not yet sweet. It is wonderful and at moments even sweet.

The studio has emerged as a center of my home. Look at how far I have come. Wow. I mean seriously, who knew I was made of such awesome stuff? I mean I had confidence in my abilities but never so much for my qualities I suppose.

Quality comes to mind often these days. I love chocolate. Not the cheap waxy stuff made to resist melting under Desert Storm conditions. No I mean the real stuff - Ghiradelli is my favorite, the kind with the crunchy peanut butter in the middle. It melts on your tongue and lingers, marvelously just for a moment and during that moment I try not to swallow, just sit still, eyes closed, trying not to move or breath because it doesn't last long. Just a piece is all I want. A bar will last me weeks. I can't get that feeling from a whole box of Little Debbie's, just ask me sometime how I know that. Uh-hem. So anyway thanks to everyone who has sent me chocolate, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am a woman of quality. I don't know what to call it but maybe it's a combination of qualities like curry is a combination of herbs. I think if I were going to make a curry of qualities for making a sweet and wonderful life I would have to use: depth, shallow people won't thrive on this ride; introspection, don't be afraid to look yourself in the mirror (unless of course it's the middle of the night and you forgot to take your mascara off and you just know you're going to look like Alice Cooper's evil twin); strength, the enduring kind any other just won't do. I know there are others but these thoughts are just rolling out of my brain and into cyberspace so finally, Grace I think is the secret that makes the whole mix sweet. Grace is the result of living the way I choose to live with no regrets.

Actually I have no idea what goes into it but what I DO know is that making a sweet and wonderful life is a choice and it's hard work sometimes. It does get easier with effort and time. Every day is a good day, maybe not a great day, but good. Sweet and wonderful. Well, I guess it's like that chocolate, just close your eyes and enjoy it for all its worth because those moments don't linger long. Even so, with all the good and the bad it is so sweet and without a doubt wonderful. Now if I only had some chocolate.

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