It's all Reagan's fault

Ronald Reagan is the reason I am a republican. So many good things happened in those years. The Wall came down.
I started out with the flu about 3 weeks ago, I had a shot so it only lasted a day. I thought I was well but then I got a cold with chest congestions and was left with a sinus infection. In my right maxillary the poor mangled thing from surgery years ago is formed wrong and always prone to infection so I take care of it and rarely do I get sick like this. Saturday morning I felt the pain in my teeth and irrigated and took care of myself as best as I can then came the bonfire. That night I stood next to a bonfire the wind was a little brisk so the smoke swirled and there was no place to be away from the smoke. It didn't take long before I didn't want to be near that fire but I think the time was enough to set this non orbital cellulitis I suffer from now.
This is the first time since I was widowed that I have faced needed medical care I cannot afford. I pay my General Physcian - we'll call him Hef, $68 to see me. He makes the time worthwhile, he gives me the attention I need and because he knows me he knows the right questions to ask. The 68$ is worth it. The presciption prices are another thing. One of the medications I need is nearly $300. What am I supposed to do. They say there are prescription drugs companys that want to help and will send you your medicine for free. Well that sounds good until you plug your income, in my case the death benefits I receive from my husband, it seems I make far too much money for that kind of help. Deep sigh.
Then it became apparent that I might need to be hospitalized. No way, I've seen those bills, I can not afford that. I was wondering if I could just buy the medicine already in bags and just let a nurse start me a line. I'll drag a bag around with me a few days at home. I didn't even know if I would be able to afford that.
So the Reagan years to me were hopeful. For our lifestyles and for world peace in my opinion. I don't know what happened between then and now but, I find myself embarrassed to admit that I am a registered Republican. However, I think if I were a Democrat at this point in history I guess I would be a bit embarrassed. The whole political hubub about "socialized" medicine is ignorance. No I don't hold a doctorate in anything but the solution seems clear.
Our great country is not where it should be globally speaking we are becoming weak. Government run medicine works. No arguments. It works. Facts are that countries with nationalized heathcare rank far above the US in terms of longevity and health. The healthcare reforms people were up in arms about over the past year are ignorance as well. How would that have helped our country. It seems to me all that plan would have accomplished is to hurt the small business owner, me. I don't need to be hurt anymore financially, trying to get up here. But you know it's hard when someone with my income can't get the same services my children get.
Let's talk money. If my infection had gone on too long and I died what would the state and federal government spend to raise them?
Widows and Mothers need healthcare, everyone does but isn't it time our country started valuing the lives and the health of it's people over it's income? Society started out with people in small communities taking care of one another so our population has outgrown that type of lifestyle but the fact remains we need to care for one another first.
I have the answer ~ take me to Washington.

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