Getting on an emotional rollercoaster...again

Once upon a time (1981) in a land far away (from where I live now) there was a girl who got herself in a family way.  And through a course of events not totally in her control, the child she carried for nine months was given to a loving couple who desparately wanted a child. The right decision was made and the girl grew up, went to college, married, had another child but never did a day go by that she didn't think about the boy-child she had given away.

Fast forward 29 birthdays and throughout all of those the years,  I've registered at every adoption reunion site I could find.  There were a couple of "nibbles" that didn't pan out; excitement, fear, heartache, and trying not to think too much about the possibility of a reuinion...

Until this past Monday when I received an email from Linda Cecil at the KY Adoption Reunion Registry.  She had a possible match and had some questions.  I answered her e-mail and we spoke by phone.  She apologized for this taking so long...

I've waited 29 years so a little longer wont hurt.  Apparently his parents are not too interested in being helpful.  I suppose maybe they are afraid of being replaced.  I have to tell them this:  I gave birth to this boy but they raised him - they are his parents and I could NEVER replace that.

I'll update as I get more info.

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