Spam, not just what's for dinner or What I learned from my email last week

  • Lots of people are fortunate to have friends like me and if I send an email to my other friends, a miracle will happen within 24 hours.

  • I am one of the sweetest people and I need to tag 5 more of my sweetest friends so they will receive a miracle.

  • Size matters and I can get a 7 day trial to make it bigger (I assume they are talking about my butt).

  • I’ve been nominated for a Ph.d

  • I can receive a High End R0lex Watch and Perfect Designer Handbag Knockoffs for pennies!

  • I can learn to play poker for a living!

  • I can receive a scholarship to a Christian College (probably because of the whole poker for a living thing or maybe they know me).

  • For a small price, I can get Direct Insider Pricing on 700+ Trusted Brands (of what?)

  • For a  $99 fee, I can receive a Platinum Mastercard!

  • Apparently I have relatives in Nigeria and Great Britain (that I didn’t know about) who recently died and left me a large sum of money.

  • Also, I have a relative in Australia who won the lottery and died leaving me a large sum of money.

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