It's been an up and down year but I still have the happy.

A new app on FB creates a collage of your statuses and I was reading over mine last night.

It's been an up and down year but I still have the happy.

I went back to school - hard but satisfying; I had some long overdue surgery; I met my son Rick who has his own demons to deal with - can you say emotional roller coaster? Vicki's husband passed away with no warning - really hard, but she's healing; a beautiful new granddaughter was born - lovely little Sarah-belle; one of my kids spent 3 months in county lock-up because of a dumb decision - I spent those 90 days in jail too if you know what I mean; the Hubster retired two weeks ago and it's going to be an adjustment but a good one I think.

But none of those things in MY life are any harder or easier than some folks have to deal with, it's just life.

So during this season of crazy, chaotic, baking, gift-giving and over-celebrating, when you're feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to reflect on your year in status.  Think about it - there's always someone else who has had a worse year - give them a call, a hug and smile, see if there is anything YOU can DO for them and you will be better for it.

Happy Holidays and hope to see you all next year!

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