Family is a funny thing

It's interesting how families come together. Some people have their parents and grandparents together their whole lives. Some people have blended or step-families (like me). I have virtually no relationship with my biological father, but a fantastic relationship with my step-father.

I have a son by my first marriage (who has no relationship with his father) and two amazing bonus (step) children from my second marraige.  We have a semi-foster son (friend of one son who has lived with us off and on for 15 years) and just last month I found my birth son that I gave up for adoption 29 years ago. 

I have a best friend (for nearly 30 years) that is like a sister to me. I've got two pretty wonderful brothers but various cousins, uncles and aunts from my parents side that I never see and rarely communicate with.  I have a couple of great sisters-in-law, a brother-in-law, 10 nieces & nephews and somewhere around 20 great-nieces and nephews (I've lost count) that I get to see often. And that semi-foster son and his wife have given us a terrific grandson and soon to be born grandaughter.

My whole point is that family is sometimes related by blood but not always. Proximity is important but not critical - it's the relationships that matter, it's the love that counts. I am truely blessed with a wonderfully diverse family. Cherish yours, love them and keep them close.

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